Bba In Low Tech Tank!


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Mar 26, 2018
I have 200l tank,1200l/h subbmersible pump wich i run few hour a day just for flow i dont use the tube for air,Light is 2 14w Led 6500k tubes,and for the fertz as tom said i took 3x EI dosing,i cuted that to x1 (once a week)and cut that x1 in 1/3,im using diy dry fertz witch i have dissolved in water,1 bottle micro other one macro,dosing x1 as i said from both fertz at the opposite side of the tank,i was doing weekly wc but i stoped that for about 2 months as tom said to stop doing wc,i had bba then i have bba now,nothing changed.I hope to get answer from tom barr!