BBA Eruption after Vacation


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Nov 1, 2007
Hi Tom,

I was away for 2 weeks and my co2 stopped working. I came home to BBA all over the driftwood, filter intakes and most leaves of the plants. This is a discus tank -- 210 gallon starphire tank with ADA Amazonia II substrate tank. The tank is mostly planted with Amazon swords and some java moss in the back half and sand in the front (like Senske's tank). My lighting is 2 -150 mh pendants. I have 2 eheims (pro 3's) on the tank and will add a new awesome powerhead like the vortex for added circulation. I know that circulation and cranking the co2 are the 2 steps to ridding the tank of BBA. I might also get rid of the white sand in front and plant it for more plant growth. Will the BBA go away with these steps or do I need to replant?