basic ferts for low tech?


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May 26, 2009
I am just getting into a planted aquarium. Atm, my 29g is still cycling. I have planted some Amazon Swords, Micro Sword, and Lutea (or so the label says).

I am planning on adding more when everything grows out and I get a chance to move it around. I don't know too much about ferts; still doing my research!

I was going to order some stuff tonight and figured I could go ahead and order some. What are some basic ferts I need to get? I have 2 2L DIY Co2. I haven't checked wattage on my lights, but they are just lights that came with the setup, so I am assuming it is very low light.


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Jan 5, 2009
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Fill in the gaps

What is low light? Find and read your local water quality report and IMHO, if it is low light then your plants demand for CO2 will be less critical. Non-CO2 methods do work. Have fun. This is a great place for information and good people to keep me inline when I get it wrong.