Barr Reactor issue?


Junior Poster
Apr 16, 2009
I built the barr reactor for my 155g with a 40g sump. The reactor is about 17"tall and resides in the sump. Its powered by a 400gph pump. The outlet from the reactor is plumbed into the sump return pump, iwaki 40rlxt (1000gph after head loss), with a 1"t and a strainer on the other end of the t fitting. The problem is i dont thing much of the co2 is being dissolved, as the main pump is pulling the water (and undissolved co2) from the reactor instead of through the other end of the t fitting b/c that is the path of least resistance. I do not have any media what so ever in the reactor, per the instructions. Also, i had to use standard 2"pvc for the reactor due to cost and availability, so i'm unable to see whats happening inside. I was thinking about putting a few scrubbies inside the reactor and hoping that will create enough resistance so the water will be pulled through the strainer on the t fitting and instead of the reactor. The reactor is all glued so that is why i'm thinking about the scrubbies as they can contort and fit through the bottom opening.

Thoughts or suggestions???