Bacopa australis


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Sep 23, 2007
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Regarding these last comments:

i really want to try cuba again at some point and the UK lads are basically saying everything is fine ( light wise ) other than i really need to improve Co2 and get feed into the water. so fingers crossed i have success this time ,, problem is i have seen a couple of plants i want to try BUT there not from south america so bang goes my south american biotope lol.

Once your c02 and ferts are in line with the lighting and stable and sufficient, you should be able to grow most everything.

Why don't you hold off on the really strict bio-tope and grow what you want along with some common plants? That will give you a chance to get to that point you will reach where plants grow great with little or no algae. C02 and light are really the keys here. That combo drives a lot.

Then once your tank is in synch and you have more experience with dosing, c02, etc and now have your own benchmarks on what the tank looking like when X was occuring, it will enable you to see potential issues up ahead and head them off sooner.

It took me about 3-4 months to get that point between c02, circulation and flow, filtering capacity, etc and just time and learning.

I have found cuba to be no more challenging than commo wisteria or java fern as long as my tank is in synch and things are going well and all is in balance and the requirements of the plants are met.

My biggest issue now is ACQUIRING some of the plants I want and to not overstuff the tank lol

Hope this helps.