B.b.a ............r.i.p

Ian H

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Jan 24, 2005
Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK
As a knock on effect of me installing the Trigon 350 I decided to purge the mangrove root in my old 30" tank of BBA, having given up on the SAE liking the taste of it. This is the only algae in this tank.

I decided to bleach dip the root. This did kill the BBA, but despite vigorous scraping with a nail brush and knife the remains persist. I did think of resorting to a wire brush on my power drill but couldn't find the brushes. Boy is this stuff stuck fast or what?

So now I have mangrove with greyish white streaks. Will this rot away or will I have to resort to torching it off? Incidentally the small group of attached plants have survived albeit with a slight grey coating in places. Also now that I have moved my large fish to the Trigon the shrimp are having a party, all 9 are on show. :)



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Jan 24, 2005
Re: B.b.a ............r.i.p

Did the same thing to a "mondo" root. I checked it recently, and the grey bba remains were gone.