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Jul 19, 2010
I just received mine. Bought a permaseal from GLA and well as their brass check valve. Got GLA's Sprio 9900 combo bubble counter/diffuser. Like many, my working pressure on the gauge is about 40 PSI. While on the high side, I use the needle valve to tune it down but it seems that the pressure is still so high that it forces the water out of the bubble counter and the thing burps huge bubbles. Any thoughts on where my problem might be? Spent hours with GLA diagnosing but they kept remarking about my working pressure. I understand that but we know the Azoo Regs have it fixed at 40 PSI.


Sounds like you need a higher end needle valve of metering valve that can handle the 40 psi working pressure and dial it down to something your diffuser can handle.


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Feb 24, 2009

You can adjust the working pressure. Remove the nut on the front between the two dials and adjust the hex screw. Replace the nut.


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Sep 26, 2005
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A good needle valve is basically a "requirement" for use with that regulator. The stock one is really crappy. It's temperature sensitive too. Take a look at the Ideal 52-1-12 or V52-1-12 needle valves. Swagelok, Nupro, Whitey, Parker low pressure low flow and low pressure medium flow metering valves will work too. You can usually find deals on these on ebay. Be sure to research it well before purchase. You don't want a valve that will go plaid easily. Another option, you may be able to rig up a Fabco needle valve to it. You may want to run it inline and just keep the stock needle valve on the reg and use tubing to connect to Fabco to the stock needle valve.

I've had two of those Azoo regulators. I used pH controllers with them. That needle valve was so touchy and variable that it worried me to death (almost). That's why I went with the pH controller. I was really happy when I sold those regulators.

Some people have reported lowering the "fixed" working pressure by turning the nut in front to get it down some. Links:


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May 23, 2009
Yep, remove the nut (the green colored one).


Then you will see that you can use a hex key to adjust working pressure.
I've played with that a few times.

But are you sure it needs readjustment? Because when you attach it to a cylinder
and open the cylinder valve for the first time, the pressure will be in 4-6 kg range.
Then it will gradually reduce to 25-30 PSI range after a few hours of use and stay there.
It will climb up again to 50-60 PSI when the cylinder is about to empty.

My stock needle valve can handle 50-60 PSI fine though. I've found the needle valve works reliably,
just difficult to adjust, the thread is too coarse.

I think the whole unit works OK. But of course, 2 stage reg + a fine thread needle valve
"which uses standard thread unlike many Swagelok valves that require headache-inducing
adapters" is nicer.

PS. Since a diffuser requires certain pressure to work and you have adjusted
the needle valve to get bubble rate you want. The bubble counter should have
handled it fine. I think your bubble counter is defective. It will probably still leak
after you have adjusted the working pressure in the reg down.
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