Automated Dosing


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Dec 18, 2008
Is there such a beast as a good automated dosing system? I have a Eheim automatic feeder that works quite well. Because of my algea issues though I was told to only feed once a day. There is a Eheim Liquidoser however that doses in 1ml increments up to 8 times a day that seems somewhat exessive considering the EI method of dosing. I guess I could ask for the necessary adjustments for daily dosing but am more interested in opinions at this point.

Thanks for anyones oppinions,


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Sep 23, 2007
South Florida

I would not bother with an automated doser unless you are often away from the tank and have no caretaker.

Ferts can be dosed daily, 2 or 3x weekly etc, and only takes a minute. Many can be pre-mixed and stored and just shaken/dumped into the tank by any caretaker.
If you or someone has time to feed the fish, dosing is only another minute or so and can be done while the fish are eating.

Also when you dose you can observe the tank as well. Constant observation and maintenance of your tank will result in better results. A tank that is neglected will quickly show issues and you can respond quicker as well. Prevention is the best cure for problems.

Hope this helps.