Aspirational Newbie In Austin, Tx

Spencer Bank

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May 30, 2019
Austin, TX

Another planted tank newbie, just joining in Austin.

I'm just getting started in with a 55G, first planted tank, which I set up at first with gravel & no plants, almost 3 months ago. I'm keeping 6 discus, 5 apistos, 16 cardinal tetras, 2 otos and a bristlenose pleco. As I've researched, I added a number of easier plants; the usual suspects: anubias, 2 swords and java fern. Then I got more ambitious, replaced the gravel with better substrate, studied up on CO2 and added a CO2arts Elite system. Next I'll be upgrading my cheap Amazon LED to something more suitable to grow carpeting plants, red plants, etc.
While I don't know as much as most everyone here, I am a quick study and hoping to learn a lot from this amazing community. Trying my best to pick up good habits! Lots of water changes, water testing and research.
Cheers to all,
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