For Sale: Ar Mini, Lagenandra, L Super Red, Marsilea, Mini Limno, Xmas Moss, And More Stuff!!


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Feb 16, 2015
Hello Everyone, hope all your tanks are doing great! :)


Everything grown fully submerged in my own tanks. Minor algae is possible but most things have none visible. Any snails that happen to sneak by are absolutely free.

Shoot me a PM if you have any questions. Will cut a deal on large orders, etc.


Shipping is $8.00 via USPS Priority

Get $5.00 shipping on $30+ orders

FREE shipping on $60+

Plants shipped on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sat

Paypal payment

** Healthy arrival and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. See bottom of page for details


AR Mini

$2 each / 7 for $12 SOLD


Bacopa colorata Fat stems in great color

$1.50 each / 7 for $9 SOLD


Hydrocotyle tripartita japan

$5.00 golf ball portion / 3 for $12


Lagenandra meeboldi 'red round' - This variety stays small, 8"-10" full grown.

$15.00 each / 3 for $27

[/b]Approximate size pictured


Leopard val

Approx 12" tall w/4-5 leaves - $3 each (2 available)


Limnophila aromatica 'mini'

$2.00 each / 7 for $12


Ludwigia sp red (super red mini)

$1.50 each / 7 for $9 / 15 for $18


Marsilea minuta

50 nodes for $8 SOLD


Myriophyllum 'red stem'

$2.00 each / 6 for $10


Oldenlandia salzmannii -Rare in the U.S. Easy plant, moderately slow grower, stays perfectly vertical, 1/2"-3/4" in diameter

$2.00 each / 7 for $12 / 15 for $20 SOLD


Proserpinaca palustris (aka Mermaid Weed)

$2.00 each / 6 for $10 SOLD


Christmas Moss - From the walls in my Dutch. Some of its been under bright light and some of its been shaded. Also Im no moss expert, all of this was bought as Christmas from a few different sources last year. Might be some Peacock mixed in, I honestly dont know.

$6 Golf ball size portion / 3 for $15 SOLD

Pic is a representation of what you can expect as far as the moss goes, it doesnt represent a golf ball portion



Healthy arrival and your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If there is ever a problem, send pics within 1 hour of delivery and I will make it right.

Plants handle shipping very well, but please be mindful of your weather. If it is extremely hot or cold, make arrangements to bring the package inside as soon as possible after delivery. The biggest risk from shipping occurs AFTER the package is delivered.

You'll get an email with tracking info so you know when to expect. Can also do 'hold for pick-up'


Paypal payment - For fastest shipping use actual Paypal funds, eChecks or transfers will delay shipping until the money clears. (usually 3-5 days)


Thanks for looking, and good luck with all your aquariums!

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