Aquatic weeds and aquarist responsibilty

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
Aquarist enjoy many species of aquatic plants. As such, some of these aquariums plants are noxious weeds that invade our natural waters, displace and kill native fish, destroy ecosystems, cost million's of dollars in damages to water ways, irrigation canals, recreation aesthetics, wetland destruction, degrades water quality and unlike an oil spill, that will eventually be broken down over time, weeds are self propagating and become worse, not better with time.

It is in the interest of our hobby to make other's aware of this issue and be responsible aquarist. Freeze, let metl or rot in a bag completely or dry completely out before disposing and never add a weed to a water way so you can have more to pick from later for the pond, new tank, to sell, or to give to friends. It'll get loose.

If you are boater, make sure to clean off the trailer and engine, this way the next lake you go to will not have that same weed transfered!

If you see a bad weed issue in natural lake, complain and call the local agriculture dept and ask what is being done about it.
It's your lake and rivers also!

Tom Barr