Aquatic Plants And Algae

Joel arthur ng

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Jun 16, 2020
Hello guys my name is joel and i come from a tropical country very close to the equator where temperatures here sucks throughout the year, in which it is really hot and humid. I'm pretty new to this hobby as in planted aquarium and i have some problems i would like to tackle. In particular for today would be aquatic plants and algae. My question is do aquatic plants out compete algae eventually when plants overgrow? And linking to this question, when you try to grow plants with EI dosing is there a point where you get your plants growing well without algae coming in halfway? Because if algae interferes midway, plant growth will be compromised so i was thinking if there is a sweet spot where you can push the limit of plant growth without having algae? I know many people say its possible but for me theres so many information out there i dont know who to listen so if i could get some of you guys opinions that would really help me alot. Thank you.

calvin doss

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Jun 22, 2020
Washington State
Dear Joel,

I believe this is a good site for information. Another good source would be "2-hour Aquarist" by Dennis Wong - who lives in Singapore (close to the equator).

From this site, I read that a common problem, in regards to algae, is too much light for the amount of CO2 in the tank. I had this problem for quite a while - and grew a ton of algae.