Aquasoil + Diy Substrate ?

Nathi Kaminski

New Member
Jan 25, 2020
Hello! My name is nathalia and im from uruguay. Here it is very hard to find commercial substrates for planted tanks thats why I brought a 9L ADA Amazonia Aquasoil bag from brasil in my bag . The thing is that im setting a tank with this base dimentions: 40cmx80cm (16inx32in). For that size i would need 20 Liters of soil or more. And i only have 9. I was thinking in using the ADA aquasoil as a top layer and under it doing a homemade substrate for planted tanks. This mix would be something like red clay + worms hummus + vermiculite + perlite + inert gravel/sand. Would this be ok? I read somewhere that i shouldnt mix basic and acidic substrates (vermiculite and aquasoil perhaps) but i dont know. Please help me. Thank youu! And sorry for my english .


Junior Poster
Mar 3, 2017
I’m actually doing something similar, soil bottom capped with safe t sorb and a layer of aquasoil. It wasn’t on purpose, but it’s just working out that way. Just make sure you have a good cap, either sand or gravel, then AS on top. The only downside to dirt is uprooting, it’ll get messy if your not careful. Also, do not add perlite, it’ll float out of the substrate and is unnecessary.