Aquasoil And Po4


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Nov 8, 2015
I've read several times that Aquasoil consumes PO4 as well as other substances such as KH and micros as well. I am seeing the same thing! But what is the general opinion? Should you dose extra to keep up the levels in the water column, or just keep on dosing EI quantities and assume that the substances are still available to the plants through the roots or through leeching back into the water column when the substrate is saturated?
I guess the immediate answer is to watch the plants and see what they tell me, and I did. The crooked new leaves told me to add more nutrients, so I did, and things are starting to look better now. I'm just a little concerned that if I keep on adding nutrients at elevated levels, the levels in the substrate may build up to toxic levels for the fish, or the plants for that matter. Is that a danger, or does the Aquasoil keep on consuming nutrients for a while, and then no longer? (The setup was redone recently, and I added several bags of fresh Aquasoil to build up height, so I guess that is why l am seeing this now.)

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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Sep 16, 2015
Hillsboro, OR
I have only dosed EI levels. No need to add extra. Even if the soil binds some, it will be available to the roots when needed.
If you are finding success with higher doses, no harm is doing so, but I would taper off slowly and see if symptoms reappear,


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May 17, 2019
Whait a moment. Swissal said his soil was bind some amound of fertilizers and he added more beacause his plants show some deficiencys. He also saw improvement after he added more.
Rajkm you answered he don't need to add more but he did and he had to do it because of the deficiencys.
I reply beacause I have the same issue. my soil is from tropica and I believe it holds a lot of PO4.
Until today I add 4.5 ppm per week and after my weekly 50% water change I have only 0.5 ppm So my soil definitely hold some PO4. And actually I think I have to add more PO4, because i have some GSA on my blades.