Julia Adkins
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Jun 22, 2015
Napa, California offers aquarium hobbyists a full range of water soluble agricultural grade fertilizers that can be purchased individually or in premixed blends. We carry the basic nutrients required by all plants: Macro Micro Nutrient Mix; Macro Nutrient Mix; Nutritrace CSM with boron; and Substrate Root Zone tablets; calcium compounds for water conditioning including Barr’s GH Booster; and 3 iron compounds. Graduated dispenser bottles are available for ease of mixing and dosing.

When you purchase 5 of any single fertilizer you receive a sixth one at no charge. Group discounts are available for aquarium clubs and aquatic plant forums upon request.

Shipping is by flat rate priority mail. Up to 6 lbs. can be shipped by flat rate envelope and up to 20 lbs. in a medium flat rate box in the United States. Answers to questions concerning shipping costs and delivery times can be found in the FAQ page of our website at Information about international shipping is also available in the FAQ page.

Why buy water with a tiny bit of fertilizer when you can buy fertilizer and add your own water?


250ml 500ml 2 L

Flourish Nitrogen $ 6 $16 $35

Flourish Potassium $11 $15 $40

Flourish Phosphorus $ 6 $15 $40

Flourish Trace Elements $ 6 $10 $32

Flourish Iron $ 9 $12 $40

Flourish $ 6 $10 $32

Price quotes are taken from

Potassium Nitrate: 1 lb $5 makes 3 L

Potassium Sulfate: 1 lb $5 makes 2 L

Monopotassium Phosphate: 1 lb $8 makes 5 L

Nutritrace CSM + boron: 1 lb $16 makes 5.5 L

Ferrous Gluconate: 8 oz. $15 makes 2 L

Macro Micro Nutrient Mix: 1 lb $14 makes 5.5 L

The quantity of solution is based on the mixing ratio of ¼ cup of fertilizer to 2 cups (500 ml) water.


Jason King
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Nov 20, 2011
Hi Julia and welcome, as you already know if i can be of anymore assistance please let me know.


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Aug 19, 2010
I have ordered from them, and about to order some more macros as well as the macro/micro package.

I use the macro/micro package mostly in my low tech ,and rely on fish food for the phosphorus, but also have it in dry form in case food alone is not enough.

Allow's me to dose one thing ,once a week in NON CO2 tank's.

Good service from and I am not in any way affiliated /compensated with/by them.