Aqua Medic co2 reactor 1000 and fluval 405


Junior Poster
Oct 4, 2009

I have a 90 gal plated aquarium and use CO2 injection with a 10# tank, and aquamedic co2 reactor 1000. I used to use a powerhead to run the reactor and injected the co2 through the normal attachment with no problems. Recently, in an effort to minimize equipment inside the tank, I removed the powerhead and instead attached the co2 reactor inline with my fluval 405 output. I have it in this order:

tank -> 4ft intake hose -> fluval 405 -> 10ft output hose ->aquamedic 1000 -> 4ft output hose -> tank

See attached pic of reactor, if helpful (note that the tubing is clamped off now, as I am running co2 through the filter intake).

My problem is that with the new setup, I can't seem to get the co2 to inject into the reactor. It seems as though with the fluval 405, the pressure inside the reactor is too high to let any co2 in. I even tried blowing through the tube as hard as I could and I could not overcome the pressure. But then when I unplug the fluval, it works fine as the pressure is relieved.

Instead, I have been running it into the intake of the fluval 405 in the tank, but this does not seem to break up the bubbles (about 2/sec) as well.

I have heard from others on this forum who use the fluval 405 with the same reactor with seemingly no problems....

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.