For Hire: Apogee PAR Meter for "Rent"


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Jan 24, 2005
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A member of one of the on-line forums purchased an Apogee SQ222 PAR sensor a few years ago, intending to use it to make his own PAR meter, but eventually realized that he was never going to get to it. So, he gave me the sensor! I tried to connect the sensor to a millivolt meter to make it work as a PAR meter and was unsuccessful, but another forum member volunteered to make it work, at no charge to me. Still another member did a lot of research and found a solid hint as to why it wasn’t working for me. So, with all of that help, I now have a very accurate, easy to use PAR meter. I am very grateful and I want to pass along the help by “renting” the meter to other hobbyists, for just the cost of shipping and handling.

If you wish to “rent” the PAR Meter, start a conversation with me. If someone else has already rented it I will put your name on a list and notify you when it is your turn.


What is being borrowed:
1. An Apogee PAR sensor, SQ222, made to give an output signal that is one millivolt per PAR unit (micromoles per second per square meter), with a 200 mV meter connected to it. It has an on-off switch, to be off unless it is being used. The sensor is waterproof, and is mounted on a plastic holder for ease in holding it under water. A half inch diameter plastic rod can be used as a wand to hold it without having your hand in the water.
2. The PAR Meter assembly will be in a soft storage container.
3. It will display 0-200 PAR only. It will display a “1” if the light is brighter than 200 PAR.
4. The calibration is set by the sensor only. It is not adjustable.

Security Deposit:
1. A security deposit is required before the PAR meter can be borrowed.
2. The required security deposit is $250, to be paid through PayPal, before the meter is shipped, using the Gift payment option. (This prevents me from having to pay a fee for the service.)

The PAR meter will be shipped in a small flat rate Priority Mail box, and insured for $250, at a cost of about $11.

Maximum possession time:
1. PAR Meter must be shipped back 10 days or less after receiving it.

Return Shipment:
1. By Priority Mail, small flat rate box
2. Insure for $250
3. Return shipping cost paid by you will be about $11

Security Deposit refund
1. When I receive the PAR Meter back I will refund $239 of the security deposit keeping $11 to cover my shipping expense as soon as I verify that it is still in good condition. This will be done within 48 hours of receiving the return shipment, but usually the same day.
2. If it is damaged beyond simple repair, I will deduct the cost of repair from the Security Deposit.

Additional Instructions:
1. The PAR Meter is shipped with the 9 volt battery removed. The battery must be installed before using it.
2. Remove the battery before shipping it back.
3. If the meter does not read 0 to 0.2 with the sensor covered, or does not read between 2 and 200 when the the sensor is pointed towards a light, or 1 when pointed to a very bright light, the battery probably needs to be replaced.
4. When measuring PAR under water, multiply the reading by 1.08 for better accuracy.
5. The readout module - the black plastic box with the mV meter in it - is not waterproof, nor water resistant. KEEP IT DRY AT ALL TIMES.

Scott S.

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May 10, 2020
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Have you stopped loaning this meter out? Came across your post in an old thread and thought I’d reach out.