Anyone keep potamogeton praelongus succesfully?


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Apr 3, 2005
just outside of Ottawa, Ontario
White stemmed pondweed... anyone keep this stuff successfully in a tank? I pick it wild in the summer months, but I find it difficult to maintain (contrary to what most websites say about this plant being hardy, and easy to keep).

Wild specimens have very densely populated stems, whereas mine are sparsley populated with leaves, even if they look healthy.

Finally, they seem to 'die-off' in the fall, as the water cools (even if I heat the tank, they seem to 'know'), but don't seem to come back, when the temperature creeps back up.

Any experiences?



P.S. I have a 125g tank, and use the Carbo Plus unit, running at 50% capacity for CO2. My Egeria densa grew wild under the same conditions.