Any pointers?


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Jun 8, 2010
Well, I finally just set up my 29 gallon aqaurium yesterday, and I'm looking to see if anyone thinks I'm doing anything that is going to derail my train :(. Okay, I have 2 filters running right now trying to establish the tank, one is a bio-wheel filter. I have 1 1/2-2 inches of sand ( I know it doesn't cantain any nutrients). Now, I have the temp set at around 78F and the PH is around 7.6. As far as lighting goes, i have a T-5 36W system, now, I've been told this is medium/high, so I'm going with that. Now, do I need to dose micro nutrients, I do have one liquid fertilizer that doses everything except Ca. Is that good enough? Do I need to dose with fertilizers? Also, do I absoletely require Co2 injections, or can I go on without them? I know if I have high light and dose ferts without Co2 it will bust out in a Alge bloom :( and I don't want that. Should I start buying plants now, or buy more testing aquipment to test the KH and NO2 and NO3 and all of the micro nutrients? I'm kinda stuck for now on what to do:confused:


36w over a 29 gallon tank is just over 1.2 watts per gallon which I don't think is considered high light, in fact it might even be considered low. As for your dosing strategy I would dose ferts without Co2 . You can of course upgrade later to DIY or what ever floats your boat, and I would definitely suggest packing your tank with plants from the start to help prevent algae (something I wish I had done). I wish you the best of luck and happy aqua-gardening.