Anubias / African biotope


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May 17, 2009
Hi there,

I was hoping for input regarding a tank 18 x 36 X 24T devoted to anubias species. I have done some digging for info. and in fact have grown A. nana before; one time quite successfully in a plain gravel /laterite substrate. and suprizingly unsuccessfully in Aquasoil (Amazon type I ). Currently I have some (A.nana), that I will move out of an existing setup which are growing Ok epiphytically. I also know enough to NOT bury the rhizome, ever... I did read that the rhyzome itself needs light to grow optimally -(something I may not always have provided in every setup).

So, "hard to kill" and "beginner plants" and "no fert needed" as Anubias are described, depending on the source; I wanted to be thorough. Specifically, I need educated opinions on the following spieces I'm interested in including.

Backround: A. lanceolata, A. congensis, A. hastifolia as accent

Midground: A. Barteri, A. Minima,

Froground: A. nana, maybe some petite.

Epiphytic: A. Coffeefolia, Bolbitis heudelotii (driftwood )

Hopefully the aforementioned is layed out right to start. I was thinking some species may well do better planted, or at least look better aesthetically that way. Some opinion on preferred substrate others have used would be helpful. I am assuming nutrient requirements for this setup would definitely require the requisite dosing schedules, possibly even CO2 due to the Bolbitis.
I was going to add some Congo tetras, not much more.
I would be able to provide 130 w. of compact fluorescent lighting, (suspended).

Thanks to all for time and trouble.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005

Same type of thing.
Fewer species than you listed.
I've had no issues growing Anubias in any sediment including ADA.

Good CO2 is critical, lower light etc.

Tom Barr