Angel Fish


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Jan 12, 2007
Dorset, UK
Hey all, just a quick question really.

I have a 30 gallon community tank, that Im focusing very much more on being heavily planted (ive entered the steep learning curve *covers eyes*).

My 3 angel fish, who are a little known for misbehaving, seem to be knocking the hell out of my newly added floating Riccia.. do you think that the growth rate will render this much less of a problem as time goes on? Or should i think about donating my angels to the LFS to prevent a long term problem later on?

They seem to be ok with most other things, although in past times, when I knew a whole lot less than I do now, they would destroy anything that was even slightly weak in growth, or slow growing that presented grass-like leaves. I do like my angels alot, Id be reluctant to part with them, but.. I would rather have a beautiful planted tank.

Anyways, amazing site btw. Gratz Tom. :)