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Ammania And Rotalas Aren't Doing Good Specifically While Rest Of The Few Plants Are Doing Just Fine.

Discussion in 'General Plant Topics' started by Neil, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. Neil

    Neil Member

    Oct 15, 2018
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    Local Time:
    8:26 PM
    Tank Size: 48x18x30 inch, Total Water capacity ~ 400 Liters.
    Lights: Custom made RGB+W LED running on 200w and 20000 lumen output.

    Water parameters:

    1. pH 6.5 with CO2 & ~7.8 Degassed.
    2. Temperature: 29 °C.
    3. GH: 8
    4. KH: 2-3.
    5. Water change 25 % weekly with skipped dosing.
    6. 100 % RO Water.

    Fertz: ALL DIY and weekly data given below, Dose thrice Micro and Macros alternatively

    N: 20 ppm
    P: 1 ppm
    K: 20 ppm

    Calcium: CASO4 Only during water change at 16 ppm
    Magnesium : EDTA Mg 6% at 4ppm Only during water change.


    Here is the doubtful thing... That i do.

    I have a micromix that says:

    Iron: EDDHA Fe 1 ppm weekly.

    EDTA Combi (Micromix) 1Kg

    Boron: >0.5 %
    Manganese: > 1%
    Molybdenum: > 0.1 %
    Copper: > 1 %
    Zinc: > 3 %
    Iron > 2.5 %

    I prepared 1 Liter solution with 3 Grams of Micro Mix and i dose 30 ml alternative days.

    Apart from these i add i pinch may be in a 100 milligrams of aquarium salt NaCl for Chlorine.

    2019-09-29 18.34.45.jpg



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