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Mar 16, 2020

I designed a scape past month with ADA amazonia 2 soil and ADA power sand as substrate with super 4 mixed in it. Now I am in an unfortunate place to remove and revamp the complete aquascape including plants. So I will be removing all the plants and the hardscape and remodel everything and plant some new plants. I have a major algae outbreak which isn't controllable and I tried removing it physically in vain which has brought me to start over. Now I have already removed everything from the tank and will be buying new plants to go with it.

My question is can I use this same soil+substrate again? It's in my tank now filled with water and I have my filter on. If I want to give it a thorough wash and dry and use it again in my new tank can this be done? or Do I just leave it as it is and plant my new plants on top of it, if I did that will the algae come back again since the spores may be present from the previous outbreak.

I am thinking of taking the soil out giving it a good wash and sun dry it and maybe buy new powersand+super 4 to put under it and top of it with my old amazonia 2 mixture.

Please help me out guys, this is my first scape and it's already super tough and tiring :(

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Sep 27, 2018
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Hey Rameez,

What are your tank specs? Size, filtertration, Co2 injection? If you got algae, there was something not balanced in your tank and you should be able to beat it.

You just have to find out what went wrong and address the issue.

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Jun 20, 2016
Yes, you are very likely to get the same algae quite fast if you leave the soil in. Aquasoil can't really be sterilized chemically and does not do well when it is washed ... reason why the instructions say not to rinse the soil. Powersand likely can be recuperated.

That being said, no reason you cannot replant that tank and work on the algae control strategy if you want to save some money.