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Sep 1, 2005
I have had a few co-2 aquariums.kept going with the purchase of equipment and great advice from Tom Barr.

This time I had high hopes of a more natural aquarium with less water changes ( my back is getting older).I have been changing water every 3 weeks. The tank has been up & running for 3 months. The filter is a Penguin 350.

My tank is 65 Gallons, nitrite,ammonia & nitrate are o.o. My phosphate has started going up ( including the algae). I have been trying to keep it in check with Seachem phosgard.KH-11,Gh-17, PH 7.8 ( no iron tester)

The substrate is 50% flourite and 50 % gravel. With lots of plants Anubia's,
jave ferns, lots of Crypts, different kind of bunch plants, Sword plants.The crypts are growing. Even the bunch plants are growing but losing their red.

My lighting is 1 96 w 6700K light assembly and 1 20 w 6700 light.

I had hope of less water changes, some plant growth.The algae starts on the glass 4 days after cleaning, but is also starting on the anubia's.

I have not been adding any fertilizer to the tank.

Is there any chance of this Aquarium having an algae free life without Co-2?

If I add fertilizer to the substrate would it help.

I have Tmg and excell. I have used these in up to 20 Gallon aquariums with a lot of success.

I suspect that I should have used as substrate just what it says in Walstads very nice book.

Thank you in advance for any advice along these lines.

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Apr 24, 2005
Re: Algae

Check out Tom's article "Non CO2 Methods" in the articles section. He goes over fertilizing strategy for tanks like yours. I have 4 of them mostly algae free.

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Algae

You can meet about 1/2 way using the Excel, I'd suggest getting a 4L jug from Big Al's, you can dose that and then be moderately conservative with the dosing/water changes, or you can go all the way to non CO2 and not do any.

A python will take the back issue away for you.
I highly suggest anyone and everyone to make the water change as easy as possible on yourself.

Tom Barr