Algae On Tips Of Leaves


Feb 3, 2017
These plants are Hygrophila Corymbosa temple and Compacta.
There's a little dark hairs on some of the tips. The new growth looks good and they seem to be growing pretty well. The plants have been in for about a month. The algae seems to be on the old growth. When I got the plants in the mail they were in ok shape, but I did have to cut a lot of leaves off.
Any Idea what may cause this?

I don't know if this matters, I have a small Blue and Red led right over the plants. The light comes on just before and just after the main light comes on. It stays on for a 1/2 hour each time.

My CO2, light and ferts have been at a consistent levels.
I know this isn't a lot of info I'm just looking for a basic opinion.

I hope the pics are ok?

Cam pics 10-17 884.JPG

Cam pics 10-17 885.JPG
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