Algae in a non planted aquarium


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Jan 23, 2005
Houston, Tx.
Hi Tom,

I read that you have or had an aquarium maintenance business, and if you don't mind I have a question for you.

I'm guessing that you do mainly planted tanks but with all of your contacts I was hoping that you might have an answer for my question.

My kids have a small fish tank in their room with plastic plants and between water changes it gets a build up of algae. Since this is a fish only tank without any live plants, is there a good way to control the algae? What about algae destroyer or a product like that, do you know if it would be ok to use all the time?

I see non planted tanks at restaurants sometimes that seem to have never had any algae and you would think that they do something a little different.

Thanks for your help,

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Algae in a non planted aquarium

Me not do a planted tank?

If I do tanks, they will have plants.
No tank is safe from plants.

If you have a non planted tank, simply add some water sprite.
It floats, grows etc.

I have no idea why folks in non planted tanks have algae "cures".
Blackout, use less light or turn the light off for a few days.

Works as fast and is much better than high Copper levels for fish and the stress. More/larger Water changes really help also.

Tom Barr