Algae ID / raise EI PO4 / Excel how much


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Jan 23, 2005
Houston, Tx.
Algae ID

This is the algae that I have the most problems with.

The site refers to it as brush algae, is this also called BBA? If it' not could I get some help with it's name?

And from what I understand it only comes from a CO2 problem (like most algae problems) is this correct?

Raise PO4?

I use the EI and sometimes I get green spot algae on the glass. Since this is occurring does that mean I just need to up my PO4 until this stops?

How much Excel?

If I wanted to add Excel with my already high CO2 tank, how much should be added, the recommended rate, 1/2 or what? The reason I ask is because of the brush algae that I get. I run my CO2 as Tom suggest, I raise it until I see the fish acting strange then lower it a little but for some reason I still have some brush algae.

I seen the recommendation to dose it at 1 1/2 times strength without and CO2 added but I was curious as to what strength would be good with CO2?

Bill VanHorn

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Re: Algae ID / raise EI PO4 / Excel how much

Bill, BBA.
GSA will appear with two main dependent variables: PO4 and CO2.
So guess which you can rule fairly easy?

The rest is CO2..........

The same treatment with or without CO2 is used with Excel.
If you have good CO2, Excel is not going to help.

Tom Barr