Air mist along with CO2 mist


Guru Class Expert
Oct 7, 2005
On the topic of CO2/O2 balance: I am using a powerhead to disperse CO2 in my tank, is there any value at all in also injecting some air at the same time using the same powerhead? I can easily do this by adding a T in the CO2 line and an airpump with a valve to minimize airflow.

My understanding is that you lose CO2 when you break the water surface, but if the air bubbles are fine enough (same size at CO2 given they go through the same powerhead), then will there be an issue with CO2 loss?

If there is no benefit I won't bother, but if it will help me manage my CO2 better (inject more without harming the shrimp/fish) then I can easily make the modification.