Adjustment Flow Mazzei


Guru Class Expert
Dec 15, 2007
I been running the 548 3/4" Mazzei with my BL 55HD Pump with 2nd leg with my Nu-Clear
533 & 547 Filters each with it's own return.
I have my ball valves at the end of my Mazzei an filters and I was tinkering with the one after my filter and I could not believed the Fog! that came out of my return from my Mazzei it covered my whole tank!!
I'm getting ready to redo my line again for the last time and was wondering , would it be better to put a ball valve before the filter to make my adjustment tweaks to have more flow to my Mazzei. Right now I have my ball valve before an after my pump and after my Mazzei and filters.
Now I want to add one more before my Mazzei and Filters also , so I can tweak more flow to my Mazzei and a little less to my filters. With my setup now more flow goes threw the filters an less threw my Mazzei and I can't bring my PH down even when I have close my close loop of my Mazzei.