Adjusting EI for more frequent water changes


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Mar 11, 2005
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Ok, ok, I didn't follow Tom's advice and did not pack my tank with plants to start with so... a bit of an algae problem. Tommorow I'll be getting more fast growing stem plants, and I'll get my CO2 tank refiled (using DIY right now). In the meantime I was thinking of doing a 25% water change every-other day (right after macros) for a while. Will I need to adjust how much I dose, and if so, by how much?

My setup:
20H, 55W PC, flourite red.

For my dosing, I follow the EI recomendations, but I mixed it into a solution in an old TMG bottle so that I add 10ml at a time.

M: 10ml TMG
T: 10ml macro
W: off
R: 10ml TMG
F: 10ml macro
S: 10ml TMG
s: 10ml macro, 50% water change afterwards.