Add Substrate Ferts on Rescape?


Mar 7, 2008
I'm going to redo a 20 gallon high tech tank. Basically just switching to a rimless tank. The substrate will be partially re-used. It's Flourite which will be washed, put in mesh bags and built up for height similar to another thread on here, then covered in a couple of inches of Flourite Black sand. It'll be planted with Crypts, H. Micranthemoides, Hairgrass and H.C. 70W MH + presurized CO2 and I'll be using either E.I. or PPS for dosing. I'm only shutting down the plumbing, not draining it and my plant covered pieces of driftwood are going right back in with fish and shrimp since the system should already be cycled.

What type of substrate fertilizers should I consider adding in addition to my regular water column dosing for the tank startup? Can I use dry ferts? I used some Osmocote underneath the substrate when I first started the tank, a tablespoon of it at most. OK to do that again? Advice or links would be appreciated.