ADA Substrate and Co2


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Sep 21, 2007
I have searched and did not find any info on CO2 after adding ada powersand and aqua soil. Hope I didn't miss anything.
On to my question. On my old tank I set the ph monitor to 6.9 and it would do about 1 to 1.5 bps.I just started over with my 80 tank with powersand and aqua soil. I have a ph monitor set up with the co2. Now that I have added the aqua soil my ph stays around 6.5 and my CO2 does not come on. Do I lower the ph monitor to 6.4 to allow the CO2 to come on?
Thanks for any help.

It will have fish in the tank after cycle.
I do 50% water change every other day.
I had 6x55 with AH reflectors but now I only use 4x55 watts.
Co2 is through a reactor in conjuction with canistar but after not before the filter.
I am starting the EI with gh booster. dry ferts from greg.


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Jan 24, 2005
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Don't use the pH monitor to set the amount of CO2 you get in the water. Instead, get or make a drop checker and use it to adjust the bubble rate until you have about 30 ppm of CO2 in the tank. Then, if you want to use the pH monitor, set the monitor to turn on the CO2 at about .1 above the current pH, and turn it off at the current pH. The actual value of the pH isn't important as long as it is above 5.5, which it will be.