Ada Amazonia—buffering And Livestock


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Jan 5, 2021
United States
Hi all,

I've done a fair amount of research on aqua soils, and I think I'm going to switch out Eco-Complete for ADA Amazonia in my 30cm cube. My only questions are about how the buffering capacity of ADA Amazonia affects plants, fish, and shrimp:

1. How quickly does Amazonia buffer water after a water change? For example, if the tank water is buffered down significantly by the substrate, would a 50% water change with tap water (7.4 pH, 5 KH) affect fish or shrimp?

2. I've read that Amazonia loses its buffering capacity after about eight months. Will this affect livestock and plants acclimated to the lower pH and KH, or is the increase in these parameters slow enough to be a non-issue?

Thank you!