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About a small shrimp tank and water changes

Discussion in 'Non-CO2 Methods' started by Tiago Nicolau, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Tiago Nicolau

    Tiago Nicolau Member

    Nov 5, 2013
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    9:24 PM
    Hi all,

    I normally talk about my planted tank but now i need to know something about my small 15lt shrimp tank,

    the tank is this one:
    View attachment 5013

    9W PLL Blau light
    Airstone, HOB Filter with sponge pre-filter, 2 inside sponges and some JBL bio ceramics.

    Only flora i have i java moss, and some petite leaves of hydrocotyle tripartita from the main tank,
    Those i placed a month ago, they did not melt but did not grow at all,

    A driftwood, some indian pines and ceramics, those were from the LFS to speed up cycle 2 months ago but shrimps love it and i cant deny them some fun lol

    So, im thinking on buying some mini java fern and place with the ceramics, to give the tank more life, and area for the shrimps to feed on micro organisms,

    My doughts:

    1- mainly is about the water changes, when i do WC, i aereate the water a day before with airsone, so, in my thinking, any co2 it has, evaporated and reached equilibrum with atmosphere right?
    So, in this way, WC wont spike CO2, am i right?

    2- Since i only have shrimps, 10+6 srhimplets, organic waste is minimum, feeding only 3 days a week, and water from WC is treated with AC, so the nutrient load of this water is pretty low, so if i dosed, once every WC, a small dose of micro and macro, would it be acceptable? if so, what should i aim for? 5ppm Kno3?

    3- could i even count with the shrimp waste as fertilizer? or is it just too low to be counted as such?

    Im holding this on the fact java moss grows, but the tripartita just stands there (i think a small leave grew, but not much in a month),

    Light is being blocked by the glass lid and tannins, so from this 9W, some of it is being wasted, not much light after all

    Im much more free to play with my 12g tank, but this small tank is so sensible, a small 20ppm change in TDS makes shrimps go crazy, then hide, then eventualy one comes dead :/

    This is why i want to WC twice monthly and 20% max, just for the sake of renewing the water, and to use more plant mass, even if slow plant mass, to help maintain equilibrium, the mini java fern should help in that too..
    Im excluding top offs, wich i do 3 times weekly since water evaporates rather quickly even with glass lid.

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