A series on streams

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
Often we hear of folks carry on about Redwood forest logging.
What they often show are some owl or furry critter, perhaps salmon or bear, all critters worthy of protection.

What else is being lost by not protecting it?
Having done some restoration of streams, caves and ponds, I know that these pristine systems take many centuries to ever recover and many never do fully, not like this. We need a natural pristine standard to reference a restoration against or an impacted site, there are fewer and fewer such places that human kind has not greatly altered.

Support protection of the very scenes and places that you love and emulate within your tank.

I am particularly fond of this picture:

I love the rich growth of Horsetail ferns and liverworts:

Of course there has to be a 60 ft water fall fed by fog condensation of the old growth redwood leaves.


Note this interesting plant and the liverwort ground cover:

The amount of light at the bottom of a an old Growth redwood forest is really low, it's dark during the middle of the day.

Tom Barr