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A request for translators for yet another nutrient calculator

Discussion in 'General Plant Topics' started by Wet, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Wet

    Wet Lifetime Members
    Lifetime Member

    Aug 25, 2006
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    12:26 AM

    I have an online calculator at and am seeking translations so that we can spread this tool to more hobbyists.

    Those translations will be added to version 2 of this calculator, which is in development but available at

    Here's all you've got to do:

    Take this file and edit it for your translation. Please use the sites above for the context of the translations.
      element: Element
      ppm: ppm
      degree: degree
      us_gal: US gal
      imp_gal: Imp gal
      Liter: L
      milliliter: mL
      five_milliter: tsp/caps
      pump_bottle: pumps
      grams: g
      milligrams: mg
      aquarium: My aquarium is
        text: using
        diy: diy
        commercial: premixed
        label: fertilizers
        text: I am dosing with
        method_text: using
        solution: a solution
        dry: dry dosing
        text: while using a
        container: container
        dose: with doses of
        text: and I am calculating for
        target: what dose to reach a target
        dose: the result of my dose
        ei: The Estimative Index
        ei_daily: EI daily
        ei_low: EI low light/weekly
        pps: Perpetual Preservation System
        pmdd: PMDD
      dose: I am adding
      target: My target is
      dose: Your addition of %1 to your 
      dose_solution: container, with doses of %1 to your
      dose_end: aquarium adds 
      target: To reach your target of %1 you will need to add %2 of %3 to your 
      target_solution: container.  Add %1 of that mix to your
      target_end: aquarium to yield
      solubility: The solubility of %1 at room temperature is %2.  You should adjust your dose.
      k3po4: K3PO4 in solution tends to raise pH due to the nature of KOH, a strong base. ray-the-pilot explains this for us gardeners [URL=""]at APC[/URL]
      eddha: Be aware that EDDHA will tint the water pink to red at even moderate doses.  You can check out a video of a 0.2ppm dose [URL=""]here[/URL].
      urea: This product has some unknown percentage of N as Urea and as NO3.  The calculation and chart below works with NO3 equivalents.
      cu: Your Cu dose is %1 % more than recommended for sensitive fish and inverts. Consider reducing your %2 dose by %3 [URL="http://y.["]Read more about Cu toxicity here[/URL]
      text: Relative %1 for 
      pmdd: PMDD
      walstad: Walstad
      pps: PPS-Pro
      ei: The Estimative Index
      user: and you
      long_term_chart: Want to model long term effects of %1 dosing? Click %2 here!
      ei: Classic EI depends on good CO2, good circulation, and regular water changes.  Light past moderation is not so important.
      ei_daily: This is traditional EI reduced to daily dosing levels.
      ei_low: This is EI scaled for once a week dosing under low light. The EI ranges below are over time for most tanks.
      pps: We have calculated for a PPS-Pro daily dose.  The recommended range below is for a stabilized mature tank.
      pmdd: PMDD does not dose %1. But maybe you should.
      ada: The ADA fertilization system includes nutrient-rich substrate, while their liquid fertilizers supplement the water column until the substrate is depeleted. The ADA elemental analysis is courtesy of Plantbrain/Tom Barr and is available at [URL=""]The Barr Report[/URL]
      calc: Yet Another Nutrient Calculator
      restart: Start over
      submit_button: Gimmie
      translations: Translations
      contribute: Contribute a translation
      mobile_link: Mobile Site
      noscript: This calculator requires Javascript to work correctly.
      error: There was an error! Please only use numbers (3, 3.0, 3/4, 0,75, etc) and make sure all visible questions are answered.
    Notice some stuff has placeholders (%1, %2, etc) or links (en APC
    eddha: Ten presente que EDDHA puede tenir el agua de rojo inclusive usando dosis moderadas. Puede ver este video de una dosis de 0.2ppm aqui.
    urea: Este producto tiene un porcentage desconocido de N como Urea y NO3. El calculo y la tabla abajo funciona con equivalentes a NO3.
    cu: Tu dosis de Cu es %1 % de la recomendada para peces sensibles e invertido. Puedes considerar reducir tu dosis de %2 por una de %3 Mas informacion acerca de la toxicidad del Cu aqui
    text: Relativo %1 para
    pmdd: PMDD
    walstad: Walstad
    pps: PPS-Pro
    ei: El inidice de estimaciones
    user: y tu
    long_term_chart: Quieres modelar efectos a largo plazo con dosis de %1? Haz Clic %2 aqui!
    ei: Un EI adecuado depende de un buen CO2, buena circulacion, y cambios regulares de agua. Moderaciones pasadas no son tan importantes.
    ei_daily: Este EI tradicional es reducido a dosis diarias.
    ei_low: Es es EI disenado para una onza de agua a baja luz. Para la mayor parte de los tanques, los rangos de EI abajo son a lo largo del tiempo.
    pps: Hemos calculado para una dosis diaria de PPS-Pro. La recomendacion referida abajo es para tanques profesionales.
    pmdd: PMDD no es una dosis %1. Pero deberias.
    ada: La fertilizacion de sistemas ADA incluye sustratos ricos en nutrientes, mientras que los fertilizantes liquidos suplen las columnas de agua hasta que el substrato es consumido por completo. El analisis de ADA es una cortesia de Plantbrain/Tom Barr y puede ser encontrado en The Barr Report
    calc: Una Calculadora de Nutrientes Mas
    restart: Comenzar de nuevo
    submit_button: Calcular
    translations: Traducciones
    contribute: Contribuye con las traducciones
    mobile_link: Sitio Web para Moviles
    noscript: Para el funcionamiento correcto de este Calculadora web se require que Javascript este habilitado.
    error: Hubo un error! Por favor solo use los numeros (3, 3.0, 3/4, 0,75, etc) y asegurese que todas la informacion requerida a sido ingresada correctamente.

    After you're done, you can pass the translation along to me via a post here, PM, or however you'd like. If you make a new file, save your version as .yml. For example, Polish will be pl.yml

    Bonus points for forking this project and sending me a pull request via GitHub: This will give you a commit to a open source project whose goal is to always be available and improved upon for the hobby, forever. You'll find these files in the i18n directory.

    If you can't provide a translation, I hope you forward this to any friends who may be able to help.

  2. dutchy

    dutchy Plant Guru Team
    Lifetime Member

    Jul 6, 2009
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    Local Time:
    12:26 AM
    I'll have a go at a Dutch translation this week.
  3. Wet

    Wet Lifetime Members
    Lifetime Member

    Aug 25, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Local Time:
    12:26 AM
    Thank you dutchy!

    We've added new fields, and the updated document for contributing translations is here:

    I've also brought up a contact form where you can just paste translations, which is linked in the document above.

    We've also begun adding Romanian with Florin Ilia's contributions, as well as refining the Spanish translation with DanielSev's work

    Thank you!
    #3 Wet, Nov 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011

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