A reineckii's response to EI dosing and NO3's

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
I decided to see based in Daniel's on going issues with some nutrients and plants.
The idea/hypothesis was that high NO3 induced curling and growth issues with A reineckii.

One principle of any hypothesis is that it is falsifiable.
You test it to fail.

I have a tank with this plant in there, and EI dosing.

The test kit has consistently been at 15 -17 ppm the entire time using HACH 2800 spectrophotometer. I have done 2x a week water changes, 60% each time.
Which is why the readings are so tight.
Using water changes, you can keep things very stable without having to test as much, but use the test to confirm further.

Some have claimed that their test show that the plant stunts when the levels of NO3 at higher.

Yet, I've test this and cannot repeat the deformed growth test.
I've also grown this plant for about 10 years total, and have cleint's who keep it using the same method also. I've never seen any NO3 relationship, nor really any with soft water, which I now have here in Sacramento(American River => Sierra Mts snow melt)

I've also confirmed the NO3 levels and ensured via dry weight dosing and calibrated high grade testing equipment and method that NO3 is certainly within the ranges.

So I took it another step.
I added more fish.

Again, no issues.

I took it another step, I tried a finicky variety, the "red rosefolia".
Again, nothing but deep nice healthy growth.

I also have some pantanal, wallichii, Erio's, downoi, etc they are certainly growing like weeds.

Light: 110 W PC, 20 gallon tank, ADA aqua soil amazonia, standard EI for a 20 gallon tank.

2x 60% weekly water change with tap(GH 3, KH 1.2)
GH is 2.2 ppm Mg and 18.6ppm Ca.

K+ was 21-28ppm.

I've been running it like this for the last 5 weeks.
I meant to get to it about 3 months ago:rolleyes:
But I eventually do get around to things.

I'll post pics of the plants after I get them uploaded.

One reason it took me awhile was the filter and diffuser, I could not get stable flow and then I got it and it's now nich and stable, so now I can test.
You cannot test anything without having stable CO2.
Which I think leads many to assume it's all nutrient related.

I have times when I do not pay attention and have to really try to get the CO2 just right, so I know the rest of folks do as well.
Amano said it's the hardest part as well.
So unless I'm really sure, and the plants are all growing like mad, I do not test any nutrients.

I cannot, I do not have a control tank to test against until then and then after a few weeks of good growth and stable conditions.

Only then can you say something.

Tom Barr