56 gallon tank



I have a 56g tank (30L x 18W x 25H) that is not growing in very well. I'm not sure what is wrong, I tried adding more light (over 3 WPG ) and CO2 (pressurized) this burned up the Hornwart floating on top so I removed the added PC (1x65 watts). The tank is 18in. wide and the PC is 7in.wide 2x65watts. I feel that the light is not spreading out enough to get good growth. I have a heavy fish load so I don't fertalize it in large doses and the ferts. I use are all Seachem (nit,pot,phos,iron,flourish,trace ellements,fert.tabs). I have flourite,laterite,2mm gravel mixed to make 4-5 in. of substrate. I am running two magnum 350's could this be to much circulation? I have a Pinpoint monitor, the PH in the AM is 6.82 in the PM its around 6.89-6.92. My KH right now is 6 degrees. I have a drop checker all so. The majority of the plants are Anubias, also I have a very large Am.Sword Aponogeton ulvaceus,Cryp.retrospiralis,Rotalia indica,Dwarf sag. I use the fert.tabs for the large varieties. My best growth comes from the center of the tank. Any suggestions as to what I should change to make this old set up work?

thanks charter.


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Jan 12, 2007
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Read up on the estimative index threads.. a large fish load isnt going to give your plants anything that they really need, and what it does give, will be insufficient.

Depending on how much of the seachem stuff your adding, youll more than likely find your limiting growth by not adding enough of something.

Also, a pic would be handy to help us see whats what :) if your able to that is.

Its very easy to over complicate a problem as you think about it over and over.. and ignore tha basics.. always start at the basics, and tick them off one by one. Dont rely on test kits unless youve at least callibrated them with reference solutions.. this is the nice thing about EI, it removes any need to test for anything, as you can be sure your adding what you need to add... then all you have left is CO2 takeup, driven by light.

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I changed to the EI method and I noticed that the dwarf sag. is losing leaves, maybe to much shade from the huge Amazon sword thats in the middle of the tank. The Apongeton Ulvaceus is still only four inches tall as it has been for weeks. I am adding 1/2 tsp KNO3 1/8 tsp PO4 1/8tsp K2SO4 3x a week. My PH does not move much (Pinpoint mon.) it is staying around 6.77 to 6.81. I recalibrate the mon. monthly using the Pinpoint solution 7.00 & 4.00. The one thing that I do like is the little bit of BBA that is on the wood and filter intake is dying.