48" Coralife aqualight pro 2x 150W 8000K HQI and 2x 96W 8800K PC lights,4 moon

Tom Barr

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Jan 23, 2005
Used about 4 months, has 8800K 96W PC's, 8000K HQI's, nice color color similar to ADA. I use these same 8800K bulbs on my 180 Gal at home.

I have 2 of these hoods, and they are in excellent shape(only used 4 months), have plant specific bulbs with low hours(you should get 2-4 years more out of the lamps), and they come with the nice wire suspension hangers.

So you can do this and run the HQI for a couple of hours for a noon blast:



Lights have moon lights, 2x 150 W HQI, 2x 96W

Really nice lights, about 16" apart for the spread so good for the 24" wide or narrower tanks.

If you do the DIY light bars like above(I highly suggest it!!), then you can dail in all sorts of light combos.

I'll ship in a light specific shipping box and add an extra bulbs etc if I have some laying around. These hoods run 600$ or so on line. the suspension kits add another 30$.

350$ then actual ship cost.

I have two hoods like this.

All you'd need to do is make the DIY bars and set them on the rails, plug in and you are ready to go.

FYI, they put out a massive amount of light with the HQI's on, not likely you'll need them more than 2-3 hours for any application. Note, they no longer make the CSL 8800K bulbs which are the best I've found in the 96W PC range. I have a few extras that will help there:icon_wink.

Tom Barr