3 Gal Non-Co2 Fert Question


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Jan 12, 2009
Hi People.

This is My first post on this fourm. Just would like some help with working out my weekly dosing please.

Tank Specs

Tank - rimless 12" x 8" x 8". ( 3 gal ).
Substrate - 1.5" Inhert 1-4mm gravel.
light - 11 watt PL Fluorescent desk lamp
flitration - H.O.B Filter. with filter cotton media. 50 gallons/hr
temp- 20c - 22c ( no heater ).
fish- 1x betta splenders. ( To be bought, tanks fishless cycling )

plant plans.

Dwarf hair grass (foreground ,middle and backdrop)
java moss (on drift wood)
Hydrilla Verticillata (backdrop)
Anubias Nana (middle)

What i would like to know is ?

How much fert should i be adding weekly on a 3 gal tank due to the fact that the fish bioload isn't going to be huge.? i have though about it so much my head hurts.:( :D

Plus, how high would I have to have the light above the tank to defuse the light so, i had 1.5w - 2w per gallon ( i was thinking around 10 inches )

This equipment is just stuff i had collected the years.Just an excuse to have another tank.:D