24/7 Airstone Vs Surface Skimming


Apr 10, 2017
I recently started a low-medium light 10g tank with some easy plants as a fun project with my son (he picked some fancy guppies, and boy are they pretty in a planted tank). The tank has co2 at about 30ppm, 30-50 μmol light, EI dosing via Thrive, running a Fluval 106 canister.

Everything is doing amazing, zero algae, great growth... Monte Carlo seems to be carpeting okay.

My son really liked the idea of bubbles with an airstone, so I’ve had one running since startup. No problem keeping co2 up with it.

My question is that Im thinking about adding a small skimmer to keep the surface skum away, since I’m not sure if the airstone will be enough, or even make the skum worse. No real skum at the moment.

Anyone have experience running an airstone 24/7?