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220L Build log

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Bishop, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Tim Harrison

    Tim Harrison Lifetime Member
    Lifetime Member

    Jul 7, 2017
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    9:48 AM
    Looking fantastic...
  2. Bishop

    Bishop Member

    Sep 17, 2017
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    8:48 PM
    Back again.

    Since last scape I have been moving around the country and not really settled enough to try and grow plants properly.
    Now that I am in a more permanent place and have tried to grow plants again the same unresolved issues are appearing.
    I can't seem to find a single example on the net that has the same issues with plant melt.

    Have been though a few steps and tried to refine a few things but so far without fail every time my tank starts to grow and look good half of it melts away. I thought all signs pointed to Co2 for a good year and then flow and got a little too obsessed with both.
    My Ph Drop is 1.3 from 7.3 to 5.93. and Plant species seem to do the same regardless of position in the tank.
    Its frustrating to see healthy tanks around that seem to break all the rules of flow and the plants are immaculate.
    I've lost a few fish from experiments with Co2 so now I just don't have any except one hearty little warrior that's still going.
    I do admit thought my ph pen is a bit average but I do calibrate often. and it doesn't need too much adjustments.

    I thought it was heat but when I brought fans for summer the temps didn't go past 26c and it still happened.

    Currently after doing a bit of refinement I feel like it might be excessive elements that build up over time.
    So although close to giving up I felt it worth recording my efforts and asking for help.

    I have adjusted my dosing to actual water volume over tank volume.
    My tank is 250L but there's only 200L of water in it.

    Using rain water right now so it all pretty much starts at zero.
    TDS are 15ppm out of tap / 150ppm at water change.

    I add
    Ca 15ppm
    mg: 6ppm
    kh: 2ppm

    Po4: 2.37
    K: 22.4
    N: 9.21

    Current: x3 / Previously x3

    Fe : 0.1833 /
    Mn : 0.0500 / 0.0633
    B: 0.0350 / 0.0426
    Zn: 0.0500 / 0.0962
    Mo: 0.0020 / 0.0029
    Cu: 0.0020 / 0.0025

    Hopefully there's something there.

    Looks better than reality. The acuata is all melted at the bottom and the lotus cant seem to grow new leaves the old ones aren't growing either.
    Bolbitis is hard and brittle, and glandulosa is loosing leaves faster than it can grow them this is in highest co2 flow area.
    #42 Bishop, Feb 19, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2020
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  3. Halfmoonleather

    Halfmoonleather New Member

    May 6, 2020
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    4:48 AM
    Very very cool!

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