20 Gallon Rebuild with Pics


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Dec 21, 2011
I want to keep track of my 20g high with a 36watt AH retrofit light dosing EI since upgrading to pressurized Co2.

I'm starting my journal off with a few pictures of before, during and after the rescape, any and all criticism is welcome throughout this thread.








So as you can see i had a ton of vals and sag in the before. I kept a few vals that i replanted in the back and replanted the nicer looking sag up front.

I had one small section of dwarf sag that I wanted to keep in hopes of it making a carpet affect. I may have save a small patch which looks to be doing well.

Have a tone of water wisteria which i will keep for now.

The red tiger lotus was also kept and is doing pretty good. I found two smaller bulbs that branched off the big one, both of those are also doing good.

The steams of....??? maybe Bacopa australis, not sure if that is what i have but that's the closest plant i can find that looks like it. Are now in the middle, i thought i would lose a few steams as they didn't seem fit to fight but by my amazement they came back to life!

Had four small steams of rotala in there also, I'm amazed at how well they are doing.

The java fern has seen better days, lol it looked like Edward Scissorhands got to it. It was doing really bad before the ferts and Co2 but now it is showing more life than ever.

I also had one steam of Cabomba Green just floating around, now it has found a home next to the anubias and actually started to root. I've had this one steam for months now and could never get it to root so i'm very pleased.

The Anubias was the only plant i did not remove for the rescape, it took awhile for it to root back there so i didn't see the benefit of pulling it up just to replant it in the same spot. It now has three new leafs and another coming out.

Please correct me if i named those plants wrong, i was never big into learning plant names. lol

Below are pics from every Sunday since the rescape.
















Also note that since the rescape I have upgraded my filter to a Fluval 205 with the spray bar. Since doing this I was able to remove the Koralia Nano, the water flow from the 205 is great.

I've had one issue with water flow on the left top side where the Wisteria, I added a hole to the bar in hopes of curing this problem. 2/19.

I believe this could be the cause of the leaves looking the way they do.

The Anubias leaves had always looked a little funky, that spot had less water flow before the rescape which leads me to believe its water flow doing that to the Wisteria.

Water flow seems to be adequate now, hitting just about everything in the tank but I've noticed that the

bubbles coming from the diffuser are only breaking up on the right side, is this a problem or once it is in

the water column there is no need to worry about.

The Tiger Lotus had one small strand of moss and has now turned into quite a few so i place a piece of petrified wood next to it, it has attached itself, 2/19.

I've been dosing Flourish potassium 7ml, phosphorus 10ml and nitrogen 5ml.

As well as some Flourish Comprehensive 7ml, I was running low on that so I now have Flourish Trace, I thought it was the same stuff but after doing some research it's not.

Would you recommend using this or should I buy some more Comprehensive?


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Dec 21, 2011
ShadowMac;79788 said:
You should look into EI dosing with dry ferts or a DIY solution. It is far cheaper than dosing the Seachem line and more comprehensive for a CO2 enriched tank.

I have bought dry ferts from www.aquariumfertilizer.com and www.greenleafaquariums.com

All dry ferts are created equal, so there is no difference in the compounds you receive.

Yeah I plan on buying some dry ferts before I run out, thanks for the links. I was just wondering if comprehensive was totally different then trace.


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Dec 21, 2011
morainy;79820 said:
Your tiger barbs look great against all that green.

Thanks a lot; I'm undecided if I want to add more fish. I would like to get a long finned Plecostomus.


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Aug 6, 2008
Plecos get big, and really shit a lot and uproot your plants... So i would advise against this.


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Dec 21, 2011
Here is week six......



Here is what the gague on the reg was Sunday but has now gone back up to 800, not sure why it would drop down a hair then go back up...


I trimmed it up and replanted the tops, everything is growing like crazy. I ordered me two pots of Dwarf Hairgrass and Dwarf Baby Tears coming in Friday. I’ll have to get some pics up after I plant.

I plan to replace most of Dwarf Sag since it is not so "Dwarf" anymore. I’m planning on putting the Harigrass in the middle and placing the tears on both sides.


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Dec 21, 2011
Surface scum has been a problem in the past few weeks, I've never had this problem before. There was only three things that I changed when it started and will go into detail.

First, I planted Dwarf Baby Tears and dwarf hairgrass. The Baby Tears did not do well at all, most of it died within two weeks. It had a lot of wool that I wasn’t able to remove completely before planting. hairgrass is starting to grow runners and is doing relatively well; I’ve trimmed it down twice already.

Second, I started dosing with my dry ferts. Plantex CSM+B, KNO3, K2S04 and KH2P04. I used yet another nutrient calculator to figure out how much I would need, I’m using the 500ml bottle with a 1oz serving. I just realized the mixture I have been doing for the past few weeks was for "EI Daily" not "The Estimative Index" lol And since I dose 4 times a week I'll be redoing my solutions.

Maybe the lack in ferts has something to do with surface scum?

Third, I added blue filter floss into the fluval 205. I can't recall if I rinsed any of the old media

From what I understand this buildup is a protein layer but keeping high current seems key.

Last week the buildup wasn't as bad because of the nano power head I added, this week is a different story. I moved the power head down so it has not been pulling that much at the surface and have a pretty bad build up. So it's obvious keeping a high current at the surface did help.

Last week I moved the light down to be about four inches from the surface and increased CO2 a bit. I increased the light time to 8 hours, it was at 5 hours, with the lights and co2 increased I’ve seen a lot more growth and a lot more algae. I may have upped the light to much, might decrease it an hour.

Plants added: Telanthera and Pogstemon Erectus. The Telanthera is doing real good, has continued to grow but the Pogstemon Erectus died off and was removed.

Fish added: Bubble Bee Goby

Grass Shrimp has also been added