15 gal up and running thanks!


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Jan 18, 2009
Bellingham Wa
My tank is up and running and looking good thanks to all the great info and help I received from everyone. Thanks again
2x36 PC 5700k/1000k
pressurized co2 w/diffuser coralia powerhead blowing the mist around
red sea nano over the back filter
Drop checker (greenish yellow)

Dosing: EI method with lots of tweacking (I like testing:)
35ppm co2 hopefully, kh4, gh8, 20ppm nitrate, 5ppm phosphate, adding potassium to maintain 40ppm guessing at uptake right now, flourish comprehensive and flourish iron(very small dose every day)

Plants (Im going to destroy the Latin names hear)
Glosso, dwarf hairgrass, lileopsis, micranthmum micranthemiods, ?dwarf baby tears( minature mincranthemum?) ,stargrass, rice patty herb(aromatica) and a type of postegmeton, Riccia

Everything looks happy so far glosso is already cruising around forming a carpet. Lots of pearling.
Already laying plans for 3 20 long tanks to conduct a study on iron levels and effects on plant cells. Saving up for the accurate Hack or Lamotte test kit and a good microscope.