12g Long High Tech Resurection


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Apr 30, 2019
It's been about 7 years since I broke down my mr. aqua rimless 12 gal long tank. I was yearning for another tank recently so I decided to set up a little spot for myself in the basement away from my wife/kid/cats, to enjoy. Going high tech with this tank as I did with the last go around, as I found growing the carpet and trimming it regularly very relaxing. Went with an Eheim canister filter (my first one) because the fluval 206 I had just wouldn't stop leaking from the motor seal and I got sick of it. So far the Eheim is worlds better and I wish I had gone with that from the get-go years earlier. I have three young mollies that I removed as pests from my shrimp tank upstairs in there to help the cycle. I will also be using water from my water changes on my other tank to help get things going. A sponge from my sponge filter upstairs will likely end up in there as well.
Here are the pics of where I'm at so far!

2019-05-05 18.12.58.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.09.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.13.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.20.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.27.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.36.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.45.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.51.jpg

2019-05-05 18.13.59.jpg
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