10G DIY CO2 Iwagumi by Dusko


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Apr 20, 2006
Hi all,
I am starting a 10 gallon planted, and would like your opinions on fertilising, lights, CO2, etc.

I will post photos from day one in this thread.

I got 2 Aqua EL lighting modul LUM 250 / 11 Watt.
I am not sure how to call this kind of tubes??? T4 maybe?

Is this a high light tank then?

As a substrate I am using Aquatic Nature Ferti Soil Black rich in nutrients. This product will lower the pH, but that is OK since I intend to keep Crystal Red shrimps in it.

I will dose Co2 via Yeast DIY 1 liter bottle. CO2 will be mixed through the Ferplast CO2 Mixer, which I will use as a filter pump as well, since it contains a sponge.

I am still deciding on what plants to use.

My plan is to create an Iwagumi style, so lower plants are something I would like to grow.
The problem is, I will try boosting the plant growth with Easy Carbo (similar to Flourish Excel)
I have read here that this product can hurt some plants like Java Moss.

I would really respect if someone would give me names of plants that can't tolerate this product, and please do use LATIN names because I can't recognise all the American plant names :confused:

My choice was Eleocharis acicularis with some Riccia in the middle around the two stones and some low plant around it, like Marsilea hirsuta or Glossostigma elatinoides. Or?

Should I use Liquid Carbon or not in this kind of set-up?

I will dose other nutrients through Tropicas N and P fertiliser as well as the Aquatic Nature ferti sticks.

I will post again in the next few days.

Hoping for replies :D

Regards, Dusko.