1000 members goal past! 2000 members?

Tom Barr

Staff member
Jan 23, 2005
Well, inside 9 months, we have acculmulated about 1000 members.

With some upcoming promotional offers, such as
1. ADA like soil for peanuts and
2. Possible lifetime memberships for a set rate and other added value, as well as deal pricing for plants from certain aquatic plant vendors, equipment, Custom CO2 reactors (I did not forget how to make them BTW and the designs have been improved:) and access to OHKO rock etc, I am trying to find ways to help folks get into plants for less $$$$$ and also spread a good foundation of knowledge.

I would very much like to offer help to any group want to form a club locally.

I also would like to add a plant swap trade post here on the BarrReport.
Only rule: only shipping cost are transferred for $$$, no sales of the plants themselves. You may still opt for the sales part, but do it off list please.

I want folks to either offer the weeds to poor folks without, trade for weeds they do not have. This will keep the cost down.

When someone we know starts a new tank, helping them out with some week's cuttings does not mean that much to us $$$ wise, but will really help them, so pitching it and sending them a bag O weeds can really help.

That is the type of spirit I hope to impart to folks here.

I do not keep secrets:
My angle for the ADA like substrates, ohko rock etc is this for the BarrReport: more memberships/subscriptions.

It's about saving folks $$$$ with knowledge and products, not emptying their wallets. The 12.95$ is chump change, the ADA stuff alone will really help.

Many have pointed the bitter greedy finger at me, but my past history has shown otherwise.

Chuck Gadd, another guy that gave selflessly his Dosing Cal and Greg are going to be working on a new version for free download here as well. Giving comes in many forms and those folks should be regonized and supported for their efforts.

Still, the main focus of this site is the articles and knowledge. We all have a lot yet to learn, but once you go through all these articles and consider them, you will have mastery of each topic as it relates to aquatic plants.

This means you can haggle with anyone in the world pretty much on aquatic horticulture. Or perhaps all you want is some in depth reading than TAG, AJ, or other post offer. Maybe you want to agrue with me about the points or offer some nice pics to go into the book, the articles or in the gallery here.

Algae pics, scaping, you name it.

Tom Barr