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    Radion Xr15fw G4 / Kessils / Red Plants

    Hi all, Im currently looking at lighting options for a tank that is 48" Long by 24" wide and 18" Height. Ive been contemplating, kessils either two 360s or two 160s or two Radion XR15 FW G4 led fixtures. The only red plant im planning on having is Alternanthera reineckii. I understand Kessils...
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    Medium Light Par For Midday Peak

    My goal is medium light, which from what I understand would be 40-50 PAR. However, I recently changed my lighting on my 90 gallon from 2x Planted+ to 2x XR15FW G4 and need help translating the 9 hrs of 40-50 PAR I had before to a longer light schedule that ramps up to peak intensity at midday...