trace elements

  1. W

    Mixing Dry Trace Elements

    Hi, I am in Australia and looking over the internet not much is available here in regards to pre-mixed trace mixes. I have found one by a brand here in Oz Manutec. I do understand it might be a little high in Copper and will need additionally Iron added. (Sorry first post so can't post a link...
  2. D

    Weekly Fertilizer Uptake

    Hey everyone! Need a little help regarding a macro solution. I've been trying to add the following 8.27 gms of magnesium nitrate 3.55 gms of magnesium sulphate 2.87 gms of mono potassium phosphate 23.84 gms of potassium sulphate All of the above is in 500ml of water. The problem is...
  3. A

    Help To Make Csm B

    Hi, guys I have following chemicals available how to make csm+b from them. Manganese Sulpahte (1kg) Zinc Sulphate(1kg) Boric Acid(1kg) Copper Sulphate(half kg) EDTA (half KG) Iron edta 13% Thanks please guide and help there is no micronutrient availabl
  4. azappetti

    Shrimp And Trace Elements

    Hola: When adding trace elements, what is the maximum dose of Cu and Fe, to avoid the toxisity of shrimps? Gracias