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  1. D

    Tissue Cultured Plants Turning To Mush

    First post so bear with me and thanks for any input. tank 9.2 gall with 8 lbs controsoil (extra fine) and maple rock. 28 watt at 5 hours a day no c02 aquaclear 20 on low flow Plants include rotala indica, java fern, dwarf hair grass mini, s repens, ar mini, ar cardinalis, hygrophila compactsl...
  2. Dustin Feagley

    Moonlight And Photoperiod

    I was wondering, should I count moonlight into my photoperiod time? Reducing my photoperiod from 12 hours to 10 hours helped rid some algae, but I'm still getting some hard green algae on the glass by the end of the week. Probably going to try 8 hours, but I don't want to lose viewing time. Can...
  3. Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips and Tricks for Dutch Style Aquascaping This article explains some of the rules and techniques of traditional Dutch style aquascaping. It’s written with novice to intermediate American aquascapers in mind. This style can seem old, rigid, and in somewhat inflexible to Nature style fans...